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Reading a book like ‘Opening the Door to the Worlds’ helps us all remember that there is so much more to life before birth, to life, and to life beyond death.  As we live in the density of this reality’s time and space it is simply too easy to forget the bigger picture, to remain conscious of a reality that transcends anything we are ever taught.

This book helps prepare to free us from the limiting and restricting beliefs still dominating so much of our culture and its institutions.  Science has been telling us for some time ‘let go of your old ways of being, they are based on wholly wrong ideas and assumptions’.

This book carries a similar message.  After reading Dr Annie Paxton’s book ‘Opening the Door to the Worlds’, you may want to explore further, develop new ideas, etc.  Place your ideas here; ask your questions.  We will seek answers from the Basidian, with whom we remain in regular contact.

The author, who left this plain after completing her book, will often provide her own take on questions.  As mentioned in the book, we choose which memories, if any, we take with us when returning to spirit.  Beloved Annie chose to take most of her memories of earth experience with her so that she could be of maximum support to those who are here and have questions.

Dorothy Chitty, the channel through which the Basidian prefer to communicate in this time, does give Skype and telephone readings.  Her contact details can be found here.


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