The Book

The Book’s Contents

Part 1.   A Little About Me (the Author Dr Annie Paxton)

Chapter 1      How I Got from There to Here
Chapter 2      The Basidian
Chapter 3      The Three Strange Angels

Part 2.   The Basidian System: Medicine for the 21st Century

Chapter 4      Healing with Intention
Chapter 5      Intuitive Thought
Chapter 6      How the Basidian Work
Chapter 7      Basidian Healing Procedure
Chapter 8      Methods
Chapter 9      Final Thoughts

Part 3.   The Earth and its Turbulence

Chapter 10    The Nature of Earth
Chapter 11    The Atmospheric Layers
Chapter 12    Earth Changes
Chapter 13    The Timings of the Turbulence
Chapter 14    The Warming Cycle
Chapter 15    The Solutions

Part 4.   The Nature of the Universe

Chapter 16    The Nature of the Universe
Chapter 17    The Workings of the Universe
Chapter 18    The Inhabitants of the Universe
Chapter 19    Parallel Realities
Chapter 20    Universal Love
Chapter 21    Cosmic Travel
Chapter 22    Unconscious Information
Chapter 23    The Eohms from Onhm

Part 5.  The Evolution and Development of the Soul

Chapter 24    The Developing Soul
Chapter 25    Change
Chapter 26    The Lessons of Life
Chapter 27    Life After Life
Chapter 28    Last Thoughts

This is what others have said about the book –,

This is one of the most startling but insightful documents I have ever come across.

The author Annie Paxton is a retired and respected medical doctor, I do not know her and have no reason to doubt the authenticity of her account of meetings and conversations with the Basidian, and other Beings from other planets, galaxies and parallel universes beyond most peoples imagining or conception.

I know little of medicine, quantum physics, esoteric practices or indeed basic astronomy so I am in no way qualified to comment really.  However, as a writer, poet, spiritual seeker and curious speck in our vast sea of common humanity on this particular planet, the whole thing struck me as reverberating with a visceral truth far beyond the narrow confines of language.

The only way I can find to put it is that some of the information conveyed rang true, intuitively and profoundly, deeply inside the cells of my body and opened too long closed chakras in the heart.  The essential core of these messages narrow down to the pure elements of most religions.  We already know some of the truths so urgently conveyed,we are all One and inseparable from the Source, and are ready to be awakened to the ever present Now, dancing our part in the great mystery of Creation.

I would recommend anyone to read this book, open their minds and hearts , cast aside preconceptions and absorb what is necessary for their own personal journey, let alone take in the practical advice re dealing with Global Warming.

My thanks to the Basidian and to Dr Paxton and her colleagues for their devoted transcriptions.

What a tour de force, delivered in an elegant prose and light style belying the enormity of the subjects covered! The author is a medical doctor who on taking early retirement for reasons of health found the time to be still and learn to hear the voices within that had some important messages to deliver.  While at times the resultant transmissions were direct, many were delivered in Q&A discourses via well-known trance-medium Dorothy Chitty.

The author’s guides from the other side include her deceased uncle, a past president of the UK’s Royal College of Surgeons; her father, also a medical man; and a healing collective, the Basidian, based on Sirius.

Four broad themes are addressed – a new healing modality; the major earth changes facing the planet over the next 3-5 years; the purpose of a soul’s journey; and the nature of the multiverse, made up of 9 universes, all of which the author has had a chance to visit out of her body.

Strangely, the book presents confirmation of many of this writer’s thoughts and expectations and helps confirm that beyond death lies an adventure most awesome.

This book as highly recommended, not least because it helps remind us that there are bigger and more wondrous things to think about than those confronting us in our daily lives.

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