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About the Author – in her own words

As the elder daughter of two doctors, I read medicine as a matter of course and 11 years later found myself as a consultant haematologist at a London teaching hospital. On the surface I was as hard drinking, hard-boiled and cynical as you could imagine, but I soon started to fall apart. The summit of my mountain was for me without reward. `Is this all there is?

After a series of depressive episodes, I moved out of London to hospitals near Gatwick airport, but that was even worse; and lonely and boring as well. However the work was well within my capabilities and I was able for the first time to devote some time to myself. A career in medicine does not encourage you to consider your own feelings. If there is work to do, it has to be done, whatever.

At the time, I was drinking heavily every evening, but I managed somehow to stop and as my brain woke up, my life started again. I started changing everything about me that I did not like, and challenging the opinions I held on everything. By the time that I had worked through clothes, hairstyle, car, house and opinions, I was beginning to understand how I had gone wrong, but not why. Some professional help revealed a wealth of ‘stuff’, mostly from childhood and much starting from my mother.

The resolution of all this has been going on at different levels ever since and acquiring techniques to deal with buried scripts made them much easier to clear as time went on.

The benefits were enormous. For the first time in my life I was happy and comfortable in my skin. I no longer felt that I was not good enough to have nice things happen to me, and the ease and lightness of being had to be experienced to be appreciated.

I also managed to ditch my boring career and started on the journey of discovery which has brought me here. All my life I had been searching, for what I knew not, but something deeper and more fulfilling, that would give my life worth. I went from here to there and back again, but was always disappointed.

Once the Basidian had spoken to me, I gradually realised that I had found what I was looking for; both my place in the universe and the work I had agreed to do.

This has eventually led to the writing of this book and meeting up with the special souls whose task it is to take this knowledge further, and to a wider audience, using new technologies.

So now, although I am physically both limited and exhausted, this is the happiest, most exciting time of this life, because I have been able to find my way.

The book is full of information that will be useful for the human journey, both now and in the future.

‘A book of truths to awaken men’s minds to who they truly are.’

I offer it to my readers as the Basidian offered it to me.

With love.

Annie Paxton  (2009)


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